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Welcome to the website of artist, Vera Beetschen.
Interlaken, farmhouse, rooms, holidays, bauernhaus, ferien, zimmer mieten
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Residence for writers & digital nomads


For writers, musicians, self-employed individuals and digital nomads – who work from home : ) You can stay for one to three months for free at the beautiful farmhouse with garden, old trees, birds, a river and snow mountain view, in the heart of Interlaken; As exchange you bring your talent (homepage, art, …) and look in winter after the two goats and the firestoves, in summer after the Airbnb guests and the garden.

About you: • You work from home as an artist, writer, musician, painter, or other creative professional. • You would like to stay in the heart of Interlaken in Switzerland in a lovely, quaint farmhouse surrounded by a garden, and two friendly goats, Bruno and Florian (it’s a bonus if you’re handy and experienced in keeping up a house). • You love nature and animals and have a feeling for them. • You are trustworthy and dependable. • You are mindful, considerate, clean, and respectful.
About the Farmhouse: A beautiful, historic farmhouse from 1860 in the heart of the mountain town Interlaken. The farmhouse is ideally located for many activities: walking distance to the river, bicycling, restaurants, shops and train station. Two nearby lakes, lake of Thun and lake of Brienz, offer swimming, paddle boarding, boating and more. The famous mountain Jungfrau is nearby and available to explore for an afternoon outing. Interlaken is an awesome and inspiring place to work and be, the Farmhouse offers you a home to enjoy its beauty. Read more about me, my work, animals and rooms on my page!
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farmhouse southThe energetic mountain Jungfrau

Morgensonne Jurtenbett

Erwachen in der Jurte

Lass Sternschnuppenregen in der Nacht auf dich rieseln, die ersten Sonnenstrahlen über den Bergen wecken dich im flauschig weissen Duvet auf, du springst barfuss über die morgenfeuchte Wiese an den Waldrand zu den himmlisch duftende Walderdbeeren & Himbeeren, trinkst Quellwasser am Brunnen und nimmst eine ungestörte, erfrischende Dusche unter freiem Himmel, ab zurück ins Sonnenbett zum Kuscheln und zum heissen, dampfenden Kaffee. Beim Eindunkeln nach einem feinen Essen im nahegelegenen Bergrestaurant lauschst du im Laternenlicht dem Wald und Bach, siehts die Abendsonne an den Bergketten leuchten und versinkst in einen tiefen, glücklichen Schlaf.   Übernachtung in der Jurte buchen : )  ...

Goatwalk at the mountain torrent Saxete

Sleepy goats on a morningstroll

Early in the morning at 6 a.m., before the hot sunbeams rise, two sleepy goats with a small hay breakfast in their bellies, jump in my car. Together we drive to the Saxeten valley. In the car Florian, the black goat, thinks he is a dog or even a person, immediately laying down in his cozy strawbed, placing his horns in the wooden shed, closing his eyes softly snoring in rhythm with the radio music. Bruno, travelling second class without straw bed (because he never wants...