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 Farmhouse: Natural materials – Royal feelings


The farmhouse offers you soothing, relaxing experience of originally equipped simple rooms: everything you need is there but nothing, but nothing you dont`t really need. The furnishings are made out of natural material such as sheep wool, wood, cotton. All the renovations respect and integrate the precious, original materials of the wood and stone building , and were carried out with a healthy, biologically method of construction: that means with untreated wood, loam, lime putty and biological paint.

smaller Room wood floor
Atelier Room

The blessing of a simple archaic experience


The cozy rooms, most of them with old woodstoves, in  natural surroundings, enable you to dive into the simplicity of an original, natural experiences:

  • the act of making fire and enjoy the sound and smell of the crackling wood fire
  • the gentle sensation of the antique venerable walnut- and oak flooring on bare feet
  • the beauty of the imposing fir beams between the lime putty walls
  • the garden and mountain views through the old, single glazed grandmothers windows, the noise and the feeling when you handle them
  • listening to the wind whispering in the trees, in the roof beams and to the goats ruminating dreamily in their stable
  • the view out of the bed to the starry or cloudy sky, the snowy mountains, the forests, the trees, …
  • the fresh air from the glaciers coming into your room with a ray of sunlight, which wakes you up in your bed
  • listening to the patter of raindrops on the roof and the trickle of water into the rain barrel
  • listening to songbirds whistle in the morning and the hedgehog rustling around during night
  • just sitting by the fire and doing nothing, just beholding the mountains