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Welcome to the website and blog of Vera Beetschen!
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Your body is your home – explore it and be his friend : )


Our body remembers all our emotional and physical  experiences, both positive and negative – let your body talk and help it to relax, release, and flow allowing your mind to let go. My own connection with the natural flow, my years of bodywork experience with different body therapies (see below), help me to guide you in your own process, to return to your center, your vitality, your essence.


Welcome to the cozy massage room

The ambiance in the massage room, with the soothing heat from the wood stove in winter, the fragrance of essential oil, the plants, the stones and the natural surroundings of the farmhouse aid to feeling safe and to relaxed.

IMG_1064 IMG_1057



Energetic bodywork & dialogue* 60Min 90CHF/Euro
Reflexology massage* 60Min 90CHF/Euro

*with mud pack / hot stones

About me

artist, pedagogue, psychologist (in study)

  • In study: Master in Psychology, ZHAW, since 2014
  • Rosen method, (M. Rosen), further education, 2013
  • Biodynamic bodypsychotherapie, (G. Boyesen), further education, 2011
  • Psychodrama play, (J.L. Moreno), 2011
  • System centered training / somatic experience, further education, 2009
  • Lymphatic massage, (E. Vodder), further education, 2007
  • Reflexology massage, (E.D. Ingham), further education, 2003
  • TCM, study, Academy for chinese healing arts, 1999


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