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Sleepy goats on a morningstroll

Goatwalk at the mountain torrent Saxete

Sleepy goats on a morningstroll

Early in the morning at 6 a.m., before the hot sunbeams rise, two sleepy goats with a small hay breakfast in their bellies, jump in my car. Together we drive to the Saxeten valley. In the car Florian, the black goat, thinks he is a dog or even a person, immediately laying down in his cozy strawbed, placing his horns in the wooden shed, closing his eyes softly snoring in rhythm with the radio music. Bruno, travelling second class without straw bed (because he never wants to lie down but only pees as often as possible in the straw), standing with eyes half closed meditating. There are many sharp bends on the steep mountain road through the dark forest to Saxeten. Coming out of the forest the view opens up to beautiful snow capped mountains and countless small sparkling rivulets meandering to the big mother, the amazing mountain torrent Saxeten.

I park the car on the bridge: As soon as the motiveless goats feel the fresh, sparkling mountain air  through the opened car door and hear the sound of the lively water, a shiver go through their bodies, the ears turn fast in all directions, the nostrils vibrate and the eyes get this incredible happy, curios, diamond sparkle! It makes me so happy to see them like this and in turn my body gets the same sanguine, lively feeling.

The fabulous, enchanted mountain path on the torrent side, with a lush green in all colors and various types of plants, invites us to follow the brook bed up to the source.

Of course with the first sunbeams I take a bath. Flo and co gambol and jump from rock to rock, getting back their identity as a wild, irrepressible ibex. While i lay on a welcoming warm stone after the crystal water baptism in, connecting with the energy of the stone, with myself and with the surroundings. Happy goats, happy human, divine time : )



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