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Welcome to the website and blog of Vera Beetschen!
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Artists & Writers


Artists & writers in residence


You stay 1 – 3 month for free in the amazing farmhouse in the middle of Interlaken, do your self employed job and help with the goats, in the garden or with guests. 

About the farmhouse and Interlaken

The farmhouse built in the 1860s, is located in the centre of Interlaken in a green, quiet spot next to the river, with an amazing view of the Jungfrau mountain. The house is a connection between man, nature, and art — the two goats, Florian and Bruno, the permaculture garden, and the space for art and coworking. Interlaken is home to many clear blue lakes, high mountains, beautiful nature and ample tourist attractions.

About me

I pursue different activities: painter, psychodramatheater, theater, massage & TCM, teacher for special educational needs, school counselor as well as project of alpine caban renovatione during the summer.

Im looking for …

an artist, writer, selfemployed who want to spend 1-3 months in the farmhouse, and take care of the gaots and the garden when im working or not at home. The ideal person is able to work remotely from the farmhouse during the day. You want to meet interesting people, including guests from around the world or spending a beautiful time with the goats : ) . Together, we can make plans for you to have a day off to travel or for other excursions. 

You are…
  • self-employed or able to work remotely with flexible hours.
  • able to work from the farmhouse and will be mindful of the goats or the guests : ).
  • handy with housework, with plants and the garden
  • trustworthy and honest
  • a person who can do the work in the house very independently and reliable
  • neat and clean
  • careful and considerate of the facilities
  • an animal lover and have fun to get in contact with the goats (for winter stay : )
  • good and have fun in the interaction with guests and like to learn to know new people (for summer stay : )



one to three months

Summer stay

May 1 – September 30



farmhouse south



  • You look after the two goats Florian & Bruno : Clean the stable in the morning, feed the goats with branches and hay and  clean the manure in the goat compound during the day.
  • You enjoy working at the goat stable.
  • Flo & Bruno love playing and cuddling with you : ).
  • You  receive sometimes a guest.




Your room in summer

You can enjoy the very spacious and beautiful artist room, with an old oak flooring and a large balcony which faces the morning sun and an amazing view of the mountains.






Winter stay

October 1 – April 30





  • You look after the two goats Florian & Bruno : Clean the stable in the morning, feed the goats with branches and hay and  clean the manure in the goat compound during the day.
  • You enjoy working at the goat stable.
  • Flo & Bruno love playing and cuddling with you : ).
  • We collect every two weeks pine branches from the forest for the goats together.
  • You should be used to handling woodstoves or you like to learn it.
  • You help with the firewood, stacking firewood, and bringing it to the upper floor.


Winter stays are for people who enjoy being in touch with the goats, enjoy nature and enter into silence & inspiration with the warmth of the woodstove, the withe bright mountains and the dancing snowflakes in front of the windows.  Interlaken is quiet during the winter, there is less tourism. In the surrounding mountains, there are ski resorts that are easily accessible with buses or cableways.


IMG_6979.JPG_SMF5881Your room in winter

You can enjoy the very cozy, walnut hardwood floor room with view to the snow covered Jungfraumountain and with lots of sun in the winter. You make fire using the farmhouse’s
original wood stove oven to keep warm and enjoy the snowfall sitting by the homelike stove.






Please send me a short email that outlines the following:

  • Why you want to stay at the farmhouse
  • Your current self-employment or work as a writer
  • Your experience with house- and gardenkeeping (including the care of animals, for winter stays)
  • Your experience looking after guests (summer stays)
  • The dates you would like to stay at the farmhouse

Then we will arrange a meeting over Skype.

Im happy to have you at my farmhouse : )





Jared, winter 2016

“My time in Switzerland was life changing. Vera was a gracious and loving host as I battled through some tough life events, and the location of the farmhouse was perfect for excursions to go hiking or skiing in the mountains. In exchange for staying in the house in the mountains, I helped take care of her two goats Florian and Bruno. As a digital nomad working on developing a curriculum for Thought For Food, the house in Interlaken felt like home, and I appreciated the rustic nature of the wood stoves and farm as compared to the big cities I am used to staying in. I hope to return to my home away from home soon.”



Gigi & Luna, summer 2016

“I love everything about Vera’s farmhouse. The views are spectacular. The location couldn’t be better (right in the heart of the city, 15 minutes walking distance from two train stations and five minutes or less from multiple hiking trails. Vera herself is wonderful, a real pleasure to talk to and be around. The goats are charming and mischievous. The rooms are comfortable and full of the type of charm only old farmhouses can offer. And you will LOVE being in the Swiss Alps. I literally love this area so much that after two visits, I moved there for two years.”


Reviews Guests


“…. AMAZING! The location couldn’t be more perfect, right in the heart of Interlaken. Everything … within walking distance. …. my boyfriend and I fell in love with the goats. My boyfriend played for hours with Flo!! … It was lovely staying in such an old home. Loved our stay! Will definitely be back again 🙂 I recommend.” A., New York, USA

“Great place to stay while in Interlaken. The Farmhouse is old but cosy. Excellent location. Amazing Views. I would stay here again.”  S., Australia

“Vera’s place is a blast! Her house could not be more perfectly located in Interlaken. She was a great host and was super helpful with tips on things to do. She and her goats made my stay wonderful.” R., New York USA

“… Very nice traditional, simple, old house, with great view from the guest room. Vera’s guesthouse brings very good experience.” L., Belgium

“We were actually Vera’s first winter guests and I can say, without a doubt, that this place is terrific year round! …. The farmhouse does get cold, but the stove MORE than makes up for it. We were actually sweating on the first night because we overdid it. …. It’s a charming and beautiful stay and I would highly recommend it in any weather.” B., New York, USA

“This is with out any doubts, my best holiday experience. The house is very beautiful, well located, very clean and from my window, I can see Jungfraujoch directly. Vera also keeps two super cute sheep (goats : ). They like to play with me very much.” J., China

„Vera’s Farmhouse was perfect for a visit to Interlaken! The location was right off of the main street and was a great base to come to and from hiking in Gimmelwald and Lauterbrunnen. I would highly recommend staying here!“ J., USA

„The farmhouse is so special and unique in Interlaken, and we really had a good time there. The room we lived enjoys a fabulous view of Jungfraujoch and Vera kept it so tidy and cozy. … . I really missed two goats, Florian is naughty and sportive and Bruno is calm like a philosopher. We hope Vera will buy another goat, then it will make a 三羊开泰!“ E., China

“… A full size bed in a room that had a view you would easily pay 350 CHF a night for elsewhere in the city. The farmhouse was built in 1860 and the craftsmanship adds to the very authentic feel. …. two goats that are hilarious and fun to be around. I plan on going back next year or sooner!!” P., USA

“It was a wonderful time at vera’s place. We love the goats and her hospitality level far exceeded what we expected. The room is big and huge. Thank you and will definitely stay again!” S., Singapure

“Vera was an amazing host and made us feel right at home! …. Loved the farm house! Great location and very nice atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to stay in Interlaken!”  R., Florida, USA